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Posting while in my tutorial for Literature and the Law....

When people are talking about how fanfiction is bad and a blight on the original artists, I'm sneakily reading various stories on my laptop and trying not to laugh... is that irony? Tastes like irony...

Hoo rahhh for copyright law lectures *dithers around and reads slash on archiveofourown*

So much work to do and not enough time to do it!

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Ahhhh *flops head on desk*

I didn't know life could take such a toll on me. I'm in a bit of a fluster, time has gone so quick!

I'm back at uni, third week, in my third year, which is my last! :O

I've been promoted to Supervisor of the AM shelving team in my university library. The AM shift starts at 0630 and I usually get there at a quarter past, managing this and then slogging through a day of classes is a bit of a battle sometimes, especially if I can't manage to have a cup of tea at some point.

The three new people on our team are okay, most of them are taller than me by some degree and a lot of the guys are older. One is convinced I'm so awesome that I parachute off Mt Everest and save groups of children from savage wolves in my spare time.

Once I get a handle on my classes I should be okay, I want to start maintaining this journal regularly and post some photos that I've been meaning to do for a long while now. Said classes are pretty hectic, but once I map out all of my assignments and readings I should be okay.

I've got a class trip to the National Museum of Australia's Repository on Wednesday, we'll get to check out the conservation labs and the items they have in storage plus loads of other awesome things! :D

I'm in the strange mood where I'm reluctant to check something out, sometimes it's a movie I haven't watched and will just keep putting it off even though I want to watch it. I eventually get myself to do whatever it is and then it's fine, but it takes a while. I don't really understand why it happens, but it does. This time it's the a team kink meme. I've written up three chapters for one of the stories I've adopted, but i don't want to go on there, something is stopping me, so until it goes away or I make myself check it out, I'll just hobbit away and finish the story on my lonesome. *begs forgiveness from the almighty fiction gods*

Last thing; knitting, I've nearly finished the blanket I've been knitting for the past couple of years! I'm putting it on halt to knit squares for a huge bookmark in celebration of the National Year of Reading. Once it's finished, they're going to turn all of the squares into blankets and donate them to those in need for the winter, which is in three months time :D So excited! I've found some balls of thick rainbow wool for three bucks, so I'll go and buy up a lot of those, there's 250 grams in a ball so i reckon it's pretty awesome...and cheap! :D

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Went to an auction at my university with my dad today! It was pretty awesome. Although one of the assistant guys was really creepy, eyeing me over. It was kind of funny though, in the crowd of older guys looking over the machinery and odds and ends up for auction was me, the strange young girl in a university hoodie clambering over things and laughing at dad's observations.

Dad bidded on and won two Hygrothermagraphs for me! Amazingly cool! I was grinning like an idiot when the hammer went down. They're old windup ones as well, I picked them up this afternoon and wound one up when I got back to my room, it's still ticking away merrily.  Dad also got a crazy cast aluminium table, it looks really cool. It's a levelling table but we need to figure out what it was used for, dad couldn't seem to recall, but he'd definitely seen one somewhere else.

Moving home on either Saturday or Sunday, so it should be pretty hectic over the next couple of days, packing up, checking over accounts and figuring out how to farewell people without crying.

After the excitement of the day, I'm kind of bummed out at the moment. Firefox keeps dying randomly so I can't really post any of my Fill in the prompts post cause it will die a horrible virtual death. Another reason is that I had to find out that I'll be missing out on seven hour days at work when I move back home, so that's a whole load of money I could be getting :( I have one shift left this week, so itll be sad as well D:
and the last is that my friend is moving back home tomorrow afternoon, and we had plans to go out for one last night to the chocolate bar and hang out before she left, but it's not going to happen any more by the sounds of it, she just sent me a text to say that she'd say goodbye before she left tomorrow. She's two doors down from me, I know her boyfriend came over this afternoon, but come on, at least knock on my door and talk. So now, I'm sitting here, feeling, well I don't know, confused? Sad? hurt.

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I should really post in this more often. I blame uni, but now that it's finished for the year that excuse is running out. I'm getting used to the freedom!

I've got to catch up on my internet peeps so much! Things I've read in the infant stages are either up to their zillionth chapter or I've had to stop halfway due to assignments and now I don't know where to begin :P

I killed an evil dragon on Skyrim! I know that's lame in the singular, but I haven't had much time to play it. I got chased by a giant the last time I played, I'm such a wimp... Its name was Mirmulnir "Loyal Mortal Hunter" It's fascinating that they've developed a language and script for the dragons. There's a few glitches in the game when it comes to dragons, the skeleton of the one I defeated likes to move and shuffle around on the path randomly, so everytime I walk past it, it's in a different position or break dancing on the path. Another one is where they'll drop out of the sky randomly, already dead. I found this one last I played. No wonder the water in Whiterun tasted funny :P

Game Nerd Rambling Over - For now...

The head supervisor on my shelving team at the library left today, she was given some options and she chose to leave. Apparently she's been fabricating lies about people on the team and causing quite a bit of trouble for us. What's going to happen now is all up in the air. I hope it works out for the best.

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ROOAARRRR >:D Hail the bloodletting! Especially after I obtain my copy of Skyrim on Thursday! *nerds out*
....<small>how do you grunt vengefully?</small>
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So  much awesome stuff is going on lately, I find myself almost overwhelmed by it!

Went to a Teahouse (200 different types!) with mah friend Maddie after she picked me up from res, she's so freaking lovely :) I don't have any idea how she puts up with my babble, but she does

I spent the rest of the afternoon getting filmed while standing in a treehouse wielding a sword and yelling the lyrics to I Am The Walrus...while wearing a tshirt with Mr T emblazoned on it...which makes it slightly more awesome!

My friend Grace and I are determined to get fit, we've been too lazy for too long! I brought my bike over to uni last time I went home and took it for a ride on Sunday... 6 kilometres worth of a path that curves and slopes around the lake probably wasn't the best thing to start out with...probably nearly died from doing it, but it felt good...I'm pretty sure that all of my hyperactivity today was due to a delayed release of endorphins from the ride :P

I want to be able to ride the circuit I've made until I don't feel tired from doing it *determined face*

Things I should do to make it easier on me;
Get a better bike seat, the one i have is death
Actually hydrate before going and during the ride
Wear shorts that aren't made of denim (lols)
Attempt to fix gears/brakes on bike
Have a more positive outlook on going out there, I spent like an hour just trying to get the nerve to walk outside and start riding (terrible self image right there)
Rest...and repeat :P

And, oh my god, the kinkmeme, I am SO happy to have found it, it's like slashy manna from fanfiction heaven! *rolls around happily amidst the goodness*
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My God, I nearly had a heart attack when I spotted the Eleven Doctors shirt by Zerobriant on teefury just this hour.

I'm pretty sure I scared my entire uni residence floor with my retarded noises of joy. I can't wait for the tshirt to come! I'm still waiting for the Stare Down Contest to arrive at my post box. I will be dancing around the street scaring passers by as I wear these t shirts of glory!

Thanks to teefury for choosing zerobriant's designs!!!! I ferking love you man!

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Pottering 'round on the internet is getting boring. I know there's, excuse my french, a fucktonne of sites out there waiting to be discovered, but I really can't be moved to care at the moment.

I thought I'd have a whinge here instead of talking to myself or the Spongebob cushion about it. He's probably sick of being ranted at and sat on.

These past few days have mostly been spent at work and watching tv shows on my computer. I've also started knitting squares again for the patchwork quilt I'm making. I've got quite a few now, but I've got to get some more wool to work with.

I swear I'm turning into a grandma. With all the knitting and watching daytime tv, if my uni residence had a proper oven i'd probably be baking cookies for small children or something.

But I'd probably be doing something more stimulating during the day if people on my res floor weren't such a pack of... well...

What the hell is wrong with wearing Doc Martens? You'd think these people have a disease, I mean, seriously guys, you're at uni and you think it's wrong for people to be wearing different clothes than what you're used to? The hell man? Not everyone gets around in short shorts and leopard print dresses.
I'm going to bring my bike over here, and ride the crap out of it. My mum believes that if I ride it out here at night or early morning, that a pack of rapists will spring out of the bushes and tackle me off the bike. I'm more apprehensive about what the kangaroos will do instead.
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There were ballerinas, and then there was lazer tag, then karaoke, then cocktails, little sleep, work at 6:30 in the am and then sleep
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I can drink directly out of the milk bottle! Because I'm sleep deprived and you guys can't stop me! Ahahahahahahahahaha

I can't wait until all my university assignments are done :|